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Let’s start the build.

Email a high resolution photo of the vessel in or out of the water at the preferred angle you would like drawn. Tight Lines Vector will provide a price quote for the vector drawing when making request for art via email. If no photo is available at that time provide the make and model and any other details (tower etc.)  and Tight Lines Vector can provide a quote.


Photo tips: No seat covers or a bunch of people on board, dock pilings in the way. For best results look for anything that can get in the way and obstruct the view of the details of the boat needing to be drawn. Outboard boat trim motor down prior to taking photo if possible.

  • If you have a photo of the boat name on the transom please send and Tight Lines Vectors will match it.

  • If you have the file that was used to make the transom lettering send that.

  • if you have neither of those Tight Lines Vector can create art for you based on the boats name.


A font based boat name comes as part of the quoted package along with the boat drawing itself.
If in need of additional custom illustration work I would need to talk in more detail. Depending on the request it could alter the price for the art.


Once Tight Lines Vector has the photo.


1. Tight Lines Vector will draw the vessel and send proof for review. Turnaround time varies according to jobs in schedule at time order is placed.


2. Review the proof and let Tight Lines Vector know if you have any changes or if art is approved as is.


Final Files consists of  color and black and white high resolution printer ready art files (.eps, .jpg, .png, .pdf), a shirt layout and 5" sticker art.


In need of a apparel and stickers and assorted swag? In addition to vector art  Tight Lines Vector can help provide you with quality custom apparel and more. First step in the process would be getting the art done and we can discuss in greater detail the printing needs during production of the art.  A basic printing price list is provided with drawing quote. 

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